Recorded at Jack Endino's Sound House and mixed at Brandon Fitzsimons's Airport Grocery Studio in Georgetown, Stone floats between spare, solemn vexing and brutish onslaughts of guitar gale and crashing, shivering percussion. There are some "güuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" vocals here and there. Hit the play button below and be transported away from work (or wherever you are) to somewhere stark and thorny. Even the nerds over at Pitchfork have put together one of their really long record reviews that basically says "We really like it but we wish it was longer."

Samothrace leave for a West Coast tour on the 17th and return to play their Seattle record release show September 2 at Highline with a band you will probably be really excited about once they're announced (more on that soon). This is all pretty weird because when I saw drummer Joe "Grindo" Axler the other day he had a broken foot. When I asked how he'd drum for the shows, he said "I've played shows with a broken hand, a severed ass, and a completely stitched-together foot. I'll make it work." I don't really believe the severed ass thing, but I have seen Joe play the drums while text messaging.

The digital download is available over at 20 Buck Spin for $6.66 (natch) but everybody knows you should get the vinyl, bub.


Joe gets defensive in a text message.
  • Joe gets all huffy via text message.

Tour dates after the cut:

SAMOTHRACE Confirmed West Coast Record Release Tour Dates:
8/17/2012 The Metro – Oakland, CA @ DeadFest
8/18/2012 The Joint – Los Angeles, CA w/ Bereft
8/19/2012 The Yard – San Diego, CA
8/20/2012 Slidebar – Fullerton, CA w/ Bereft
8/21/2012 Sugar Mountain – Oakland, CA w/ Brainoil

SAMOTHRACE Tour w/ Pallbearer, Royal Thunder:
9/06/2012 Exit/In – Nashville, TN
9/08/2012 Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
9/09/2012 TT The Bears – Boston, MA
9/11/2012 Knitting Factory – Brooklyn, NY
9/12/2012 Rock N Roll Hotel – Washington, DC
9/13/2012 Ace Of Cups – Columbus, OH
9/14/2012 Beat Kitchen – Chicago, IL
9/15/2012 Fubar – St. Louis, MO
9/16/2012 The Jackpot – Lawrence, KS