Starbucks' Music Selection, This Morning


barf barf barf. Why is Maroon 5 still around?
Boom goes the dynamite.
At least Starbucks is consistent with the CDs they actually stock.…
In other news, Seattle Center is Seattle's top amusement park
Key Arena was also voted Seattle's Best All-Ages Venue.

I think this would have been better if there was some imaginary conversations. Hey, why the hell not.
Their blog really isn't that great. It's only updated a couple times a day, The majority of posts are inane top ten lists about random shit no one cares about. The comments are mainly spam posts.... And now this.
Im wondering, wasnt this all voted on by the readers? or is that all wrong? People obviously ran internal campaigns for website voting, which, to be fair, the results of which would not really be the weeklys fault... correct?
Yah bunkasauras... you are right... but The Stranger isn't really big on details or shying away from a cheap shot. WHAT THEY SHOULD BE SAYING IS... look how dumb the people who read The Seattle Weekly are... but it turns out their critical faculties aren't all that much better.
@1 I saw their new hit on Channel 93, the local video channel. It's reggae! And the dude fakes a Jamaican-style accent! Leonard Cohen was singing in my head as I watched, "It's come to this. ... it's come to this."
@8 it appears the writer picked it himself.…
ol' what's his nuts at the SW is a professional troll, and for $75 and a hug he'll pretend he's a journalist. i'm sorry i added to his page views.

i hate him in the face.
@5, I think it has to do with what all happens at Key Arena. There is gymnastics coming up. And it should be all ages. Somehow I don't think many who voted were really thinking music.

For all I could tell, this was not a poll. These were writer's picks-- best place to meet women was the Tacoma auto museum, best dive bar was the Lava Lounge and best place to meet men was a strip club.

these were solidly picked by a staff of two or three writers who thought they were funny. The poll results generally come out in a different issue/handout.