Charmingly sloppy and infectiously enthusiastic New York punk band Bomb the Music Industry just posted this on their blog:

This is a weird thing to write that I don’t want to write. But it was agreed on that it would be “mean” if I didn’t… I’ve been putting it off all day, and now that the record collection is alphabetized, all mail-order is done, and my groceries are color-coded seems like I gotta do it. (EDIT: I even waited a full day before posting this. oh boy.)

There’s a very very good chance this upcoming US tour is going to be our last time coming through most of these cities. We all still love each other and love playing music together. There’s no weird rifts or anything. To put it simply, the 9 - 10 months or our lives when we are not playing music are not fantastic. To put it complicatedly, those months are weird vortexes (vortices?) of time where we float in between weird jobs that further us in very little ways as human beings aside from you know, the thrill delivering ten sheets of plexi to celebrity photo shoots (glamorous!) or the satisfaction of doing sound for another Green Day cover band (very glamorous!)… it seems like it’s just time to see if there’s anything out there that can provide us with full-time joy instead of part-time joy.


You can read the whole thing—including the part where they reserve the right to take all of this back and tour for the rest of their liveshere. They also posted a new song, “80s Through the 50s,” on their blog.

They'll be at El Corazon with Pretty Old and the Creakies on August 30th. Tickets are available here.