Farewell, Akimbo


Words don't so justice to how much I love this band. The Akimbo/Teen Cthulhu 10" is the first thing I ever bought on vinyl when I was 15. There was a period of time in my life when I was seeing them 4 or 5 times a month (often with Brian's band). The band I was in in high school got our first real support from Jon. Probably my favorite bass player ever. Awesome dudes. Awesome band.
Akimbo has been the one consistently amazing band in the Seattle music scene from my teenage years to my now impending thirties. At this point, I'm confident I've seen them live more than any other band. Going to their shows never got old. As soon as they start playing I am transformed into a headbanging, fist-pumping fanboy. Jon has inadvertently hit me in the face with his bass in a pizza shop before I could drive a car. I've barfed all over the inside of their tour van after an awful show in a steak house in Wenatchee. They taught me invaluable life mantras: "Have a good time all the time," "Fuck Everett, Fuck Tacoma," "Eat beer, shit riffs." Both as a band and as dudes, Akimbo are the fucking best. Thanks for everything.
This band has given me so many great memories and Jon will forever be my hardcore crush. God I feel old
Funniest band shoot, ev'ar!
Jeff said it better than I could.

Tomorrow will be my 66th time seeing the band.
RIP AKIMBO. I loved you in the Cthulhu Basement, Loved you at the Showbox, love you in my CD Player... You dudes are the last of the bands that started in my youth, that I will always cherish. Thanx for keeping it together for so long.

This beer is for you!

What an amazing night, made me feel 20 again!!!!
Damn. What a great band.
Old news, but I just found out about the funeral. Thanks for all the music you gave me. Sorry I never got to see you live. I'll be rocking out to your shit for years to come.