Teenbeat Mayhem IS the end all-be all, an UNFUCKWITHABLE history/discography of EVERY American beat/garage record from the '60s. Uh...DAG!! This is the loving result of Mr. Mike Markesich AKA MopTop Mike's decades of research and obsessive collecting, and its DONE, printed and available to own. FUCK YES!!

It’s finally here! The ULTIMATE guide to garage rock in the 1960s. A massive A-Z discography documenting every known garage/teenbeat 45 release — over 16,000 songs by thousands of teenage rock’n’roll groups from across the USA. Also includes a detailed history of the mid-60s teenbeat explosion and its lingering impact on popular culture. Plus the Top 1,000 '60s Garage Tracks, as voted on by a panel of experts. Lavishly illustrated (in black & white and full-color) with rare band photos, label shots, picture sleeves and more. ESSENTIAL!

Sorry for the crap pic, it was carelessly taken in my dim assed kitchen.
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  • Sorry for the crap pic, it was carelessly taken in my dim assed kitchen.
I just got my copy on Saturday, but have yet to find any time to crack it open. Attention record nerds: MINE IS CURRENTLY STILL SEALED! Right, this thing is huge and instead'a kinda getting a quick passing gander I wanna find an afternoon to soak ALL the info up. Or...really (ahem) to just drool over all the label scans...HOLY CRAP!!

The first run is small, so if you want one, get it while the gettin' is good. I have no idea if there will be a second printing. Ugly Things magazine has copies on offer or you can go direct to Markesich's blog. If you do visit Markesich's blog scroll down and read a bit of his story, do it...seriously, about the trials of a record collector in way deep collecting not only records, but the STORY of each record.