Remember this notorious post about why the DJ hates you from five days ago? Cited in it was the Twitter account @TheDJGospel, whom all DJs seeking truth and wisdom should follow. Well, this jockey of discs, who wishes to remain anonymous, has been interviewed in by Darren Ressler and it’s worth reading. Here's a key passage:

I started The DJ Gospel mainly because of the decline in talented DJs that have flooded the industry with the advancement in technology over the last decade. There seems to have been some type of thinking among young and new DJs that just by buying gear you are automatically a proven DJ and therefore should be given gigs immediately. It just does not work that way, you have to earn your stripes as the old saying goes. I own a nice camera, but I have never stated that I am a professional photographer. So as to why people buy gear and think they are a pro is a mystery to me. The mission statement — Spreading the Gospel to DJs worldwide and making the nightlife experience better for everyone else. If these tweets offend you, then they are about you — came from being a bit fed up with the way both guests and DJs act in nightclubs.

Read the whole thing—and also check out this graphic, which is just one reason why the DJ Gospel person is cranky. Oh, and watch this eternally hilarious clip (courtesy DJ Stickem and xtranormal) for further edification.