RIP Local Musician Derek Shepherd


Ah man, how terrible.
Damn. Will always remember the Reatards show at the Gibson. Derek was too young to get in, but Jay Reatard knew he was in a band called the Retards. Jay ran outside mid-song and punched an unsuspecting Derek, simply (as far as I know) for being in a band with (almost) the same name as his. Then Jay ran back inside and continued playing. R.I.P. Derek.
Derek and me started a band called Stench Mob which also started Punk Rock on Vashon Island. He was an asshole and a hard head in person but also smart and sensitive when u knew him. He was crazy, reckless, and in your face. He worked hard for the punk scene and loved music. He was a huge part of what kept Seattle interesting and just like with Ben, Slats, Travis, and many more and more to come, he will be missed.... More than he even would've thought. RIP. Bastards of Young
Thoughts and meditations to his grieving family and friends R.I.P.
It will take me a long time to get over Derek's death. I adored him. He was smart, funny, sophisticated, kind & thoughtful. He made my day every day I saw him. I saw him the morning of the day he died. I will never forget that. I will forever wonder if I had told him how wonderful a human being he was would the outcome be the same? If I had told him how crazy I am about him would the outcome be the same? If I had told him how much I loved seeing him every day would the outcome be the same? I don't know, but I will worry about that till the day I die. I would give anything to, on that morning he killed himself, to have said, instead of, "Have a great day, Derek", to say, "Hey, Derek, you are amazingly fantastic & I'm crazy about you -- you know that, right?" I'd give anything... But, Derek, I will never miss that opportunity again -- I promise.