The other day I happened upon a Giorgio LP, from 1976, Knights in White Satin. I wasn't exactly sure if I'd scored, so I bugged resident Giorgio Moroder-head Dave Segal, but...he'd never heard this LP.

Obvs, the title track is a cover of the Moody Blues "Nights in White Satin" and the cover art pictures the Muniuch Machine and Mr. Moroder clad in loose, white satin...which is HILARIOUS, natch, BUT...I wanna know more; fuck asking teh internet. So, Dave, and all you other Moroder-heads, please assess and inform/tell me what you can about THIS album and how it rates with his other music. I only know his work via big tracks like "Chase," his bubblegum track "Looky Looky" (y'all need to watch that clip) and his Son Of My Father LP. To me Knights in White Satin ain't exactly stock disco, it's at the cusp, and it IS Moroder so it's dense and well arranged...but I need to know more! C'mon NERDS, school me!