Hawthorne Stereo's Used Room 10-20-30 Super Sale


Maybe I should get my electrohome space age record player checked out. Haven't used it in years.
Recommended! I have bought a lot of gear there.
i have been buying from Robert owner Hawthorne since about 1988. he really knows what he's talking about AND he's HONEST. go figure. Hawthorne is a nice place and I am pretty happy to have a friend like Robert. His used equipment is well tested and Hawthorne stands solidly behind what they sell.

Toby J. Faulkner
Recommended most highly! I have been doing business here for years and still own many of the excellent components Bob sold me. Many times I prefered buying from Bob over the internet because he backs up what he sells, you don't have to worry about shipping and you can take it home immediately. If Hawthorne Stereo has something you're interested in, don't hesitate to do business here. Or just stop in and browse which is alot of fun as well.

Paul H. Dunn