Here I am sitting at my desk, feeling weary, when I run up on this Stone the Crows clip. I think it induced an anxiety attack.

Just try to tell me that ain't some heavy prog meetin' some heavy blues. DAG!

Stone the Crows were a short lived but important Scottish group that sat just below the surface of stardom, at least in the US. Here, they were simply eclipsed by the volume of so-much-happening-at-the-same-time. However, in the UK, they did rate. So much so, singer Maggie Bell won "Best Female Vocalist 1971" in the annual Melody Maker poll. But then their trajecory was stunted when group co-founder, Leslie Harvey, was electrocuted. He died on stage (!!) after he touched a hot mic while touching his guitar. The group did keep going after Harvey's death, guitarist Jimmy McCulloch ex-Thunderclap Newman got the tap, but the group only lasted another year. Bell, of course, went on to record her two fantastic, highly regarded, solo albums Queen Of The Night and Suicide Sal while Jimmy Dewar, the bass player, later played with Robin Trower.