If you're as big a Digital Underground fan as me*, you would no doubt recall their fourth album The Body-Hat Syndrome, remarkable in my mind chiefly for the bizarre "Jerk-It Circus" and their lead single and video:

What you (I think) nor I knew is this: when they were preparing to tour that album, DU had the guys who made Pink Floyd's infamous pig balloon make a 12-foot-tall Humpty Hump head for their live shows, out of which Greg "Shock G" Jacobs would emerge (from the nostrils, no less), as his more famous alter-ego Humpty. When I asked the imaginary Humpty that resides in my own head how that idea came about, he replied:

Well, people said 'yo Humpty, you're really funny looking: let's build a giant model of your domepiece for you to climb out of!'

That big-ass head**, much like the giant Sir Mix-A-Lot butt and the mythical inflatable dilz of the Beasties, were thought forever lost to the mists of time. (Imagine if you had all three of those!) UNTIL NOW. A guy with a Tumblr actually found the damn thing abandoned in Oakland, then found that a homeless man had been living in the secret green nostril-room. Now, it needs a home.

Hey EMP, or nameless eccentric millionaire/person with a lot of space and love for the semi-obscure Bay Area hiphop collective, we're gonna go ahead and need y'all to step up here and preserve this giant and bizarre bit of hiphop history. It can apparently be had for the cost of transport. So Doowutchyalike. DU's appearance from that Dan Aykroyd fuckery Nothing But Trouble after the deal.

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** sorry