LA Weekly Takes Stabs at Hipster Music, Listmaking


I haven't heard about just about any of these bands...but I haven't been too much into music lately.
"The cucumber sandwich of bands" hahaha
dang. someone is getting old an grumpy.
So who are "the BEST hipster bands?"
Or is that not possible by definition?
I know Ariel Pink says The Cure is his favorite band, but Haunted Graffiti sounds nothing like them. Not even close!

Other than that, pretty much everything = Yeah.
I have to echo word for word #5.

Also, so many of the bands on this list annoy the shit out of me. Soooo many.
Please elaborate on your "Ariel Pink is a less talented, uninteresting, non black-haired Robert Smith" train of thought.
a.k.a. I'm too worked up to read @5 and @6.
-TV on the Radio are/were fucking awful. I have never understood any of my friends' explanations of why they were not just the worst bullshit ever. Didn't one of their members die of lung cancer or something?
Conor Oberst rules. Love Bright Eyes.

Love DCFC as well.

Don't listen to any of the other bands on this list.

cheers ya'll
man stay based, we're gonna be alright
I think these lists act as an apology for the horseshit nature of music writing and writers. Like: Sorry we ran weekly articles about Vampire Weekend for 8 months straight. We kinda got caught up in a thing and acted more like their PR rep than objective music journalists. Oh, and sorry to the local bands who didn't get album reviews or show mentions because we ran out of time and/or space. Our bad.

What I want to see is a list of the 20 best 'Hipster' bands. I'm with Sean on the confusion around that nebulous label. I have always been given to understand that it denotes a person who places undo importance on conforming to the leading edge of fashion and affectation, without any adherence to a particular aesthetic or ethos. So, a band may be made up of 'hipsters', or may appeal to 'hipsters', but since that label doesn't connote any particular sound or way of making music, (or more accurately that sound has changed with changing fashion over the last 75+ years that the term has been around) it is hard for there to be 'hipster' music description that holds any water.
Think you got Bremerton confused with Bellingham for DCFC, not like WE EVEN CARE UP HERE. STUPID HIPSTERS.

It's alphabetical by last name, so head for the Gs.
@14... i bet they meant Bellingham, though, right? considering the publication and the fact that the band itself was from Bellingham, not Bremerton?
where was Sufjan on this list?
I like how you took their stupid list and then added even stupider jokes to it. Well done.

PS TV on the Radio sucks.
How are Rock Cats not #1 on the list?


you're overthinking it. also, how is dedicating even more space to these bands, even to take a piss, an apology? you know what would make up for shitty weekly rags covering shitty flavor of the week bands over local music? covering local music. boom.
@12 (Chris Jury) and @17 (Grease Wizard)

I find it astounding at how both of your opinions of a band like TV On The Radio are the most childish, immature, and imbecilic collection thoughts made to look like an actual opinion
@9 and @17

I find it astounding how both you're comments about a band like TV On The Radio are the most childish, immature, and imbecilic collection of thoughts made to look like an actual opinion. I would tell you guys to get off your high horse but I can tell you both don't have one.