I am having a lot of feelings. A lot of them. Earlier this month Bomb the Music Industry announced they'd be breaking up/disbanding/retiring/no longer remaining the band we know and love today, and that their current tour would quite possibly be their last tour.

Heart. Break.

Bomb came into my life too late—I wish I had been along for the whole ride. But since falling in love their their ability to turn bad times into fun songs just a few years ago, their infectious pop (that flirts with ska and punk and dance beats) has been a mainstay in my earholes. I've listened to their music when I was grumpy and wanted to kick some ass (this is good for that), I've listened to their music when I was in a great mood and wanted to wiggle (this is great for that), I've listened to their music while writing and baking and cursing Seasonal Affective Disorder. It's been through it all with me.

And their band ethics are just as feel good as their music—they only ever play all ages shows, they keep ticket prices as low as possible, and they post all their music online for free and/or by donation. It's been that way since the beginning.

So when the band took the stage at El Corazon last night, and when singer Jeff Rosenstock said that a nice person did a nice thing and bought him too many shots of whiskey so he was starting to feel wistful, knowing this show was very near the band's end, a little tear ripped in the corner of my heart. I'm not ready to see them go. The set was fun, of course—they played for over an hour, including all four parts of "Kings of Minneapolis," some of my favorites from their last album, Vacation, and "All Ages Shows." But I'm not ready to accept that it's the end, so I won't. Sorry, dudes. See you again sometime. Maybe not soon, but sometime.

Videos of a couple songs from last night are after the jump.