Bodyout princess.
  • Bodyout princess.
Katie Kate played her set in the hallwaylike Promenade stage, and when she came on, her hair was sideways. Like, the back was on the side, and the other half was another person's hair, and glittering, and I was almost confused, even though I've totally seen her hair before. Trent Moorman was drumming*. She shared with us some very important information about Trent—his nicknames: "Cookie Snake" and "Luke Snarewalker." I don't know why he doesn't change his Slog handle immediately.

She and Radjaw had fun being hunters during "Hunter" ("Don't laugh, Radjaw!"), and she had an offstage dance party halfway through to "Rudiger," because people weren't dancing enough. Except for the one guy near the front in the Costa Rica Pura Vida shirt who was having a whole different party than the rest of the crowd. He might've come from another dimension.

Three-quarters through the set, she said she was going to do a cover, which was new for her. And then she busted out Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)"!!! Needless to say, I peed a little with excitement.

She has a better singing voice than I realized, and I hope she uses it more in the future, even though I love and respect her rapping. She ended on a new song that was sternum-vibratingly good. Then I had her sign my totebag. Everyone else there was a neon teenager, so I ran away quickly.

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*If you live in the 206 area code, Trent Moorman is legally obligated to drum for you. Like, you don't even have to be a band. If you see him on the street, all tired and ready to go have dinner and trying to get out of the rain, and you say "I COMMAND THEE," he's gotta do it. Thank god he's so good at it.

Radjaw mans the laptop.
  • Radjaw mans the laptop.

Read her motherfucking totebag.
  • Read her motherfucking totebag.