Bombino is cooler than you.
  • Dave Segal/The Stranger
  • Bombino is cooler than you.

Can I just cut and paste my review from the last time Bombino hit Seattle at Nectar? I thought not.

Although the Agadez, Niger guitarist/vocalist brought a smaller unit—bassist, drummer, dancer, and that Caucasian guy who looks like he’s moonlighting from Average White Band on rhythm guitar—the sound was pretty similar: elemental electric, desert blues that’s at once joyous and devastatingly plaintive. Again, the drummer stroked out a fairly unchanging rhythm, a lopsided gallop/quasi-waltz time pattern heavy on the snare and cymbals (bop bop botta-tssss botta-tssss; I felt sorry for the larger tom-tom on the right side of the kit, which didn’t get hit all afternoon).

Serious hypnosis through electrified desert blues.
  • Dave Segal/The Stranger
  • Serious hypnosis through electrified desert blues.

Bombino’s guitar tone remains flinty and chiming, flowing in a regimental manner, with sporadic disciplined solos that nobody would dare to call self-indulgent. Bombino’s parched, soulful voice still sounds over 2,000 years old and as riveting as right now. Again, with today’s set there were no peaks or troughs. Bombino’s songs are "merely" steady-state glides into eternal peacefulness, with cascading undercurrents of strife. Save the last trance for me.