It is always nice to hear any song that can make me feel like I'm floating; this duo, Ronnie & Robyn, do just that with some perfectly perfect blue eyed soul.

This track smacks of being a teener with supper club pretension, but the arrangement is packed HEAVY with sophistication! Uh, is that some harp? YUP! Um...AND a bit of twelve string guitar?! CHECK!! The production is JUST raw and overdriven enough it RIPS when turned up LOUD! I first heard "As Long As You Love Me (I'll Stay)" this weekend, played LOUD, at Emerald City Soul Club's monthly dance night at the Lo-fi, it's PERFECT at proper dance club volume. The flip is great too, "Step Into My Heart." When the killin' is gettin' kilt it is impossible to beat a duo...a Detroit duo, no less.

An instrumental version, "Sidra Theme," which feels VERY different than the vocal version, is currently getting HUGE play at rare soul clubs. The instrumental version was issued, by catalog number prior to the vocal version, BTW, but if you ask me I like the vocal version best.