If Tilson ain't the Puget Sound's most mysterious hiphop figure, he's top two. Legends abound about the Tacoma-born (we think) MC, singer and ex-Saturday Knight. I know that he makes ginger ale, likes hats, and has been working on new music—but I never heard a lick of it 'til now. Last week, an mp3 landed in my inbox from Tilson (who knew he had email?). It's great—with a live guitar echoing the immortal "I Want You Back" (which for various reasons, I have to love), an airy back-up chorus, and his always smart and crafty raps. Tilson mixes personal reflection, social commentary, and braggadocio in his always fresh manner. Just peep:

Tilson XOXO - "Nevereverland"

More mystery after the jump.

On a hunch (AKA the image above), I searched "Tilson XOXO," and came up with a website:


Whoa. On his back, he raps:

When you remember yourself, include songs in your memories
but please, none of mine, I was made to be forgotten
When you recall today, holdin up day before tomorrow
So right now you can use 'em both to your advantage
Follow the noise, only til you see where it comes from
At that point retreat and follow the peace (piece?)
The gift I didn't utilize, the time I didn't maximize, these tools have been synthesized
Composed of self-sympathy
Consolidate the other me, now I'm just what you see
Somehow my life's become your play, wishing I could turn the page
Welcone to the the awkward stage.

Refreshing the browser you might get the same verse, instead without the eerie back track or the "Heart Shaped Box"-esque backdrop—just Tilson rapping in an all white environ:


Well, I don't know about you, but I'm excited to see where this goes.