When punk-sludge-metal bands live, work, and play in close confines, sometimes there are “disputes.” Occasionally, the disputes escalate into physical fights. Or when the drinking and drugging have been heavy, the fights are more just a couple of dudes rolling around on the ground with each other while yelling. They roll and yell at each other, and a chair may be knocked over. Weeks of frustration have built up. They aren’t really fighting because one of the guys wore the other one’s flip-flops. Deeper issues are at the core. The confrontation usually ends with one of the guys getting up, taking a bong rip, pulling the sink out of the wall, and throwing it out the window.

This is exactly what happened to Tacoma band Apache Chief. Who have since changed their name to Mole Asses. Singer/guitarist Miles VanMatre spoke about the goings on.

What happened? Why?

VanMatre: Apache Chief imploded. Living conditions in our cave had deteriorated to the point that an actual TPD officer said, "People live like this? Nirvana and the Sex Pistols didn’t even live like this." That’s a direct quote from the Cop when I showed him the place after some bad shit went down. Anyways, months went by and we all figured out that we missed playing music. So out of the earth atop the barrow of the great and terrible CHEIF burrowed MOLE ASSES. More angular, more heavy, and more stonery than before.

Mole Asses demo:

Mole Asses play the Crocodile on Monday, September 17th with the Trasholes, Shogun Barbi, and Bigfoot Wallace.