One of the (very) few perks of KMCQ's format change is their willingness to tiptoe into the hits of the mid 1980s. I'll admit that I still only listen to the station out of sheer stubbornness, hoping to hear "Year of the Cat" by Al Stewart or "Feels So Good" by Chuck Mangione. Just sitting here and typing these words, I'm surprised that I'm not outraged by the fact that this is what life (while in my car) has become.

The station change has made one thing in my life very clear, the discovery that Emily Nokes (the person who owns 1/2 of said car) absolutely hates Huey Lewis (+ the News). The first few times his voice lumbered out of the tiny door speakers, Emily became instantly furious, declaring that Huey Lewis "sings like he's got a mouthful of lasagne." Her tone and demeanor changes during the course of the whole song, as if something terrible happened in the past and the repressed anger is reappearing tenfold. Lately, she refers to everything that she doesn't like as Huey Lewis. "Night Moves" by Bob Seger? Huey Lewis. "Space Truckin'" by Deep Purple? Huey Lewis. Celery? Huey Lewis. (How anybody doesn't like celery is a baffler.)

Fore! (w/ spaghetti)
  • Fore! (w/ spaghetti)

I'll be the first to admit that Huey Lewis (+ the News, I guess) has made some mistakes, mostly when his career was in decline during the late 1980s, at which point he was already 83 years old. But the singles from Sports and the album before it are such staples of rock radio that they simply cannot be dismissed. People will marvel at a building and praise the architect, but never take the time to examine the bricks that make it. Or even the bright sunlight that accents the walls and windows. Or the comfortable shoes that they're wearing that allow them to not be preoccupied by foot pain while spending their time looking at a building. These things are Huey Lewis. Not a construction detour or a confusing traffic cop giving you what seems to be conflicting directions. Huey Lewis is an innocuous but necessary prop while you're breezing through a stale yellow light as you notice the traffic camera mounted on the pole above. The riff from during the chorus of "Heart and Soul" is playing as you notice there's no flash from the camera. You will receive no ticket in the mail. That shit is awesome, man.

The above video is not as visually pleasing as the actual video, but YouTube only has the VEVO version, which plays an execrable Panteen shampoo commercial beforehand.