I’m no expert on the venerable art of songs about grandmothers, but in my music listening experiences since the ’60s, I’ve encountered at least two stone classics of this ilk: Bo Diddley’s “Look at Grandma” and Moby Grape’s “Hey Grandma” (co-written by Tacoma's own Jerry Miller). The former’s an instantly infectious soul-funk mood-elevator with fabulous female backing vocals. It’s from Bo’s mid-career 1972 classic, Where It All Began, which mystifyingly doesn’t get nearly the respect that The Black Gladiator does. Moby Grape's "Hey Grandma" is an instantly infectious country-rock barn-burner. I have been known to put it on repeat for an hour and then run personal-best times in the 10 kilometers with the song stuck in my head.

I’m having a hard time deciding which tune about grandmothers is best. Maybe we can definitively answer this question with a poll, which, in keeping with Stranger tradition, is totally scientific and legally binding.

(By the way, you should check out Swedish '60s psych-rock band Baby Grandmothers.)