Has Don Henley Replaced GG Allin As the Most HATED in the Nation?


Is this a Line Out article or the label from Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps?
I think "Sunset Grill" is the real poop slinger, Mike.

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god bless the both of you!
It's all pretty clear to me. GG Allin covered "Carmelita" by Warren Zevon. Zevon said, "Enjoy every sandwich." Don Henley covered The Mentors' "Sandwich Of Love." Eagles = Daddies of Rape Rock, the true root genre of "Take It Easy." Thanks for blowing the lid off this, Mike!
I love Stewart, hate Allin, ignore Henley.
Nobody gives a crap about Don Henley. It's Glenn Frey who's the real dick. The only reason anybody "hates" Don Henley is because of that ridiculous Mojo Nixon song.

But, uh, something like 0.01% of Americans have ever heard of GG Allin.
@2 - You're hired.
@2 Very well done, young sir.
If anyone hates Don Henley it's only because the man has changed his views on God and Heaven and has left the dark places he once embraced. It's not Don Henley but the hearts of men and women all over America that have gone to where he use to be. This past election was a the first time that America has changed direction and the Godless have out numbered those who truly believe. Notice how I did not use the word Christian because that is chum for sharks in today's society and a sad commentary about people in America today. Mention God anywhere and you will see demons rise up and confront you directly and openly if they are within ear shot of your conversation. You can call it all BS but it's real and everything happening today is spiritual warfare straight from the pages of the Bible.