Snapshot of the Visuals Projected
  • Snapshot of the Visuals Projected

Ann Arbor based Dabrye phased in and out of his citywise cuts slyly last night at Barboza. After some technical difficulties and delay, he began his set with the Close Encounters of the Third Kind theme. All was a head nod/body job from that point on. Dabrye’s a devotee of downtowned, crate dug beats. He lowballed, highballed, J Dilla-balled and ball-balled, with nothing too full bore, and nothing overstated. His trafficked pulses are natural, with stems from funk, jive, and R&B. Highpoints for me were the instrumental in-betweens. The oddball crossovers, where beats converged in transition. The main line would fade out, and the weirder, bizarre-er rhythm would be left alone, paired with a looping or sampled sound. The beat seemed bigger then, more hopping, more impossible to ignore.