Ultrasound - Play For Today

Fan-burst alert!

Ultrasound, as we've soaked them with admiration so many times before, are not to be underestimated.

We wrote, and re-wrote: "[They] appeared out of the post-Britpop wreckage with a unique audio stockpile of emotion and noise. The music they made didn't always work, the band's eyes and ambition often bigger than their abilities, but they were overwhelming with ideas and imagery and a series of luscious, increasingly acclaimed and popular late '90s indie singles that ended up to be better than their debut, the band's one and only album, which, exactly a decade ago, destroyed the band, who were never seen again."

But then in 2011, they resurfaced out of nowhere. With a new single. A new manifesto: "We've Been Away For A While, But We Were Never In Style."

This week, they shattered cruel skepticism even more by releasing Play For Today, their follow-up full-length, thirteen years after their debut. And everyone's going a bit mad for it.

Suck it, odds-against-them! We can't wait to join the celebrations.