Arrived at work with to find this in my inbox and almost jumped out of my cubicle with joy:

Inside my head, Chastity Belt is what heaven sounds like. Simple, brilliant chord progressions, shockingly astute lyricism, and noise, oh my god, the beautiful noise. Their first EP Fuck Chastity Belt is a lo-fi bloody spiral of unyielding fury that refuses to leave my MP3 player.

Dude sees them joined by a couple of dudes from my other favorite band, Dude York (all right, I'll stop), their brother band from the old alma mater. Andrew Hall (on drums) and Peter Richards on bass lending a hand to Lydia Lund (lead guitar, backing vocals) and Julia Shapiro (vocals, rhythm). The three-song EP is "name your price" and I suggest you name a good one: after all, it is what HEAVEN sounds like, and as an awesome addition to the endless array of musical talents this fine city has to offer, we want to keep these ladies in Seattle somethin' fierce.

Dude York plays the Sunset tomorrow (Oct 3) and Chastity Belt plays the Sunset (early, like 5:30pm) on Saturday Oct 6.