Madonna @ Key Arena: How Was It?


Gosh, even posting a poll is better than what's on the Times today.
"Extraordinarily violent simulated killing sprees" should have been a poll option!

But then again, I wasn't there
Madonna puts on a helluva show, even at 50+. I think there was too much new music and not enough old, but everything else about the show was spectacular and epic. She always has amazing dancers. She was rocking it. It was great.
The sound at Key Arena is total shit, but it's mostly not about the music at this point. It's about the show she puts on, and she's amazing at that.
Amazing. Even if the acoustics sucked balls.

And with a show like that she puts those others to shame.
I was at the Key last night.... Really angry with the lack of respect for the fans there is no reason for a artist of her history and success not to show a little respect for folks who have toil to spend precious dollars on a "super-star concert"...Sound quality was lousy, her voice is gone, but I will say her dancer's are the best I have ever seen. I found the first 30 minutes disturbing and NOT enjoyable...
I was there and was very disappointed, starting 2.5 hours late is just plain disrespectful for those who bought her music for the last 30 years... The first 30 minutes were disturbing, but I will say her dance group CAN NOT be topped!! Best dance troup I have ever seen. Her voice is gone, sound mixing would poorly done.... I left early... Really disappointed.
damn, yo. that was some awesome shit!
Phenominal show! I saw her perform Vogue live! I can now die a happy woman.