Deap Vally rocks. They're all up in your face with struttin' Southern California style guitar licks and drum fills that kill. Here's their new video for you. I have to say I'm a bit skeptical about their internet fame, since this is literally only the second single you can purchase (and this song won't be available until November), but the live videoscoming back from their European tour seem to show a band serious about rocking. What else can you ask for?

You may also enjoy some sexist, rude, and just plain strange observations men have made about female musicians in an attempt to review their music from around the interweb. I cut and pasted them for you aftet the jump! It should be noted that I tried to find a female writer at a reputable publication talking like this, yet could not. So, guys, writers especially, stop fucking talking like this. Seriously. Not helping.

"Dressed in black hot pants and a golden, shoulder-pad outfit, Troy’s powerful lungs were in full force as Edwards kept pace on drums."

Really? How often do you describe what all male bands are wearing when you describe them rocking (or otherwise)?

"What this world needs is two smoking hot, trashy girls from LA that pretty much sound like good-era White Stripes with girl vocal."

How do you know they're trashy? And what does your opinion of their attractiveness have to do with their music?

"Their raw, gritty blues rock makes them a contender for the female version of The Black Keys"

Yes. I'm sure. What women want is to "contend" with men, they're so stupid they don't want to make their own music. They actually want to be a dude with a beard and a dude with glasses. Good one.

"Love this song, love this video and I am in love with the drummer."

Oh? Thanks for letting us know. I'm sure they're interested. Check your email.

"Make me wanna take shots of Tennessee Honey Whiskey and tap cute girls on the elbow while I eat cheese pizza."

WTF does that even MEAN?

"Barefoot in bikini tops and hot-pants, they whipped up a furious Rock n' Roll sex storm."

I bet they were fucking freaked when the sex storm started. Weird.

"Deap Vally’s debt to the White Stripes is probably actionable. But here’s the twist: they’re both women, sporting the short shorts of Daisy Duke and the big hair of 80s soft rock sisters Heart."

Actionable is a cool word, but the comparison is reductive, and the "twist" turns out to be a sexist observation about how they dress and do their hair? Good twist.