Six Organs of Admittance at the Crocodile


I saw this show, and also had never seen Six Organs live before, but have several albums and love love love the newest Ascent (especially since I'm a huge CoF fan). I was in town on a vacation, so I didn't know what to expect from the venue/crowd/opening bands. The crowd was impressibly mellow, almost seeming like they were watching a not-too-exciting fireworks display. But hey, I was the outsider here, and almost the only one without some kind of facial hair or tattoos.

Low Hum was pretty good, though I only caught the last 3 or so songs. I did recognize the last song they announced as "written by a friend of mine" as an Earth song from a recent album. They did it justice.

Master Musician's I had heard of, but never heard; And according to what I read, they are genius', or at least they on the short list to becoming genius. Of course in reality it's a pretty subjective term, and though I could hear snippets of interesting sounds, their set left me thinking they might be better on record. More arty than farty, even through the shrouds of fog and cloth, I didn't hear anything mind or ass-blowing. Even their attempt at closing with a cover of "Ladytron" was a giant miss.

Six Organs were amazing, and though I had high expectations with it being an electric show, I still was surprised at how great Ben and crew were live. They played a lot of stuff from the recent Ascent album, so it was clear they were still pretty amped on the recent reunion of sorts (even without the other Ben and Ethan). At times, it seemed like Ben was in danger of taking over sonically, but far from vamping behind the star, the band was keeping the groove strong and erect.

I'd agree with the above comments about Ben being on fire when playing his guitar, and I felt like he was channeling Mizutani from Les Rallizes Denudes with his tones and rhythms, even if he wasn't trying to (especially if he wasn't trying to). Would have loved their set to be longer, but at least I had the chance to see them live.
Either the dry ice actually succeeded in rendering Mitchell indistinct or you just captioned a picture of Noel Von Harmonson
@1 Agree with you about Ben. @2 You're right.