Riding on the Metro: Encircled by bodyguards, rap artist Jay-Z hops an R train to his final Barclay concert in Brooklyn proving that he's just like everyone else: A millionaire commuter with a record label and the hottest wife ever.

Dinner and a Show: Lady Gaga shows up Justin Bieber by puking on stage all the while dancing like a pro.

Park Life: British alt rock band, Blur are gracing their fans by extending their reunion confirming a small series of European festivals in 2013.

Get Em' While They're Hot!: While checking out the latest fashion at Urban Outfitters don't forget to pick up your free 40-page zine released by the xx, complete with handwritten lyrics, photos, and such.

Ax to the Face: Tomahawk release a teaser song Stone Letter off their upcoming album Oddfellows, their latest release in six years.

You're Doing It Wrong!: I guess dumpster babies are making a resurgence—this sticker seems to think so.

Use Your Indoor Voice: Screaming Females singer, Marissa Paternoster, comes down with mono, subsequently dropping the band from their opening slot for the rest of their fall tour with Garbage. Get better soon, Marissa!