Some notes from the Alanis Morissette show:

HI! I went to Alanis last Friday! Anna Minard was my date (she HAS heard of Alanis Morissette thankyouverymuch).

I had spent some time thinking about what sort of person goes to the 2012 Alanis Morissette show (besides an awesome person, obviously). Would there be flowing skirts? Bindis and henna? Braids? LONG MERMAID HAIR LIKE ALANIS? Purple? Velvet?

None of the above. Three words best describe what was actually most prevalent in the audience: tipsy, mom, cleavage. The Tipsy Mom Cleavages were either accompanied by other TMCs or by FLJSDs (Fancy Leather Jacket Step-Dads), and the white wine was FLOWING! We were extremely underdressed.

Oh, there's more.

The opener was rapper SOULEYE—Alanis' husband and baby-father. He rapped some uplifting raps and danced like a toddler who has to pee. Alanis came out to guest sing on a song, walking forward across the stage and then backward like she was on a track. When the song was over, Souleye and Alanis KISSED and the FLJSD behind us said "he's the luckiest man in the world." It was pretty cute, even though I don't think the sit-down Moore crowd was into hiphop, uplifting or otherwise.

Then ALANIS played and WHOA she still has all that HAIR! That hair and that VOICE! Alanis might sound even better now than she used to, but that could be due in part to some rage subtraction. She looked pretty happy with SOULEYE and no one even thinks about Dave Coulier anymore, except for when I screamed his name during "You Oughta Know" (Anna ducked).

The hits were played—Alanis took it easy on the newer songs (they sounded Alanis-y but with a few new age techno effects). She played no less than FIVE GUITARS, two of which were glittery, one of which was completely CLEAR. She stayed on her walking track for a lot of the show, and did some impressive '90s head-banging. Also, THREE HARMONICA SOLOS, at least!!! Everyone was very pleased, especially the guys in her backing band! They threw drumsticks and guitar picks into the audience, and, after the finale encore, came to the middle of the stage and took pictures of the crowd before hugging and walking off. YAY!!!