It's true, I am so O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with ballads, er, currently; not hesher
POWER BALLADS, but '60s soul ballads. So, I have FINALLY started playing BOTH sides of my 45s. Before I'd quickly track through both sides to dig the tempo/dynamics just to find the "play" side, but NOW I'm tryna' go back and hear exactly what I've been missin'. A lot of great soul/R&B dancers have a slower/midtempo song on the flip, if not a legit ballad, and after collecting records for, like, my ENTIRE life, I should'a known better to be neglectful! OOF! Anyways, last night I found this on the flip of Sam & Bill's dancer "I'll Try," their tear filled holler "I Feel Like Cryin'."

UH-HUH!! SO GOOD. I think "I Feel Like Cryin'" was actually the 'A' side. GODDAMN... I'm a fool for missing this genius, at least till now.