Calling All Guitarists!: Where do you stand on the Trustworthiness of Guitars timeline, you douchebag?

Tell Us How You Really Feel: Godspeed You! Black Emperor have something to get off their chest about music today, and they're fired and fed up.

Retarded for Reatard: Expect a DVD, vinyl, and book release containing new footage and insightful tidbits come December 18th from the late Jay Reatard camp.

Black Has Deadly Fists: OFF! has a new video out and Jack Black has his hands full...of guts!

Church Burnin' Surf Party!: Put on your corpse paint and head to the shore 'cause these black metal tunes will have you shooting the curl, Norway surf style.

Free the Pussy Two!: Yekaterina Samutsevich, of famed Russian feminist band Pussy Riot, has her prison term suspended! One down, two to go.

Smart Phone "Do's": Your cell phone company knows more about you than your better-half does. For all Verizon wireless users concerned about their privacy, click here for opt-out options.