You got the hot news from Mudede about PSmoov's work with Kingdom Crumbs' "The Mezzanine," and honestly, that's the important part. If you're interested, I have another couple juicy tidbits and some grievances to air that I will not let go of, and have demanded that the editors of this fine paper publish to this blog so that all three of my readers are informed.*

When PSmoov and Rik Rude rap about P chopping it up like Benihana on their latest album Bossalona, they're not just being clever. He of Fresh Espresso/Mad Rad/Out For Stardom/Seattle face-scrunching, beat producing fame works a Korg keyboard and a microphone like they were his left and right hand to consistently deliver wholly danceable, futuristic pop beats definitive of Seattle's cloudy rap sound.

In advance of the Fresh Espresso/Kingdom Crumbs show at City Arts Fest he's remixed the acclaimed up and comers apex anthem "The Mezzanine" with a minimalist, syncopated feel. The result is tasty fried syntesizer highlights to the helium tenor raps delivered by the Cloud Nice crew.

What's better, it's free, and the cover is authentic PSmoov artwork.

But what's not good is this, dear reader: Should you decide to see the Good Sin, Key Nyata, Fresh Espresso, and Kingdom Crumbs at City Arts Fest on Friday night, you will paradoxically also be making a decision to not see Vox Mod, OC Notes, Truckasaurus, or Keyboard Kid for that matter. What will you do? How could we let Heineken come into our city a make a mess like this? Personally I'm miffed that the festival schedulers didn't take into account that over the three days they scheduled all of the festivals best hiphop acts within the same three hours on the same day at three different venues. Granted, FRED is only a few blocks away from Neumo's, but really City Arts? Perhaps I'm the only one who looked at Friday and said "Hey, that's all the gigabytes on my hard drive playing Seattle in one night at the same time, how the hell am I gonna see it all?" Either way, I'll be out there with you all to support and enjoy.

*...just kidding, we wrote this crap at the same time because every beat nut loves their PSmoov.