Honesty Is the Best Policy: Wyclef Jean drops his attempt to become president of Haiti due to the questionable financial dealings of his charity, Yele.

Break It Up You Two!: Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson get into a public pissing match. Apparently someone is cutting into someone's stage time. Fight, fight, fight!

Gaga Gatsby, Have You Any Prince?: Turns out the soundtrack to accompany The Great Gatsby is gonna get weird, if Lady Gaga and Prince have anything to say about it.

Reznor Gets Drafted to the Majors: Trent Reznor's new project, How to Destroy Angels, have a new release, An Omen, coming to a major label near you!

Guitar Amber Alert!: J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr.'s much loved Squire Jazzmaster guitar was stolen while on tour in Eugene, Oregon. Be on the lookout!

Surrounded By Too Many Vaginas?: Rihanna is suffering from a two-year dry spell. Here's 20 bucks, take this lovely lady out to the movies, kay?

Space Feline!: This kitty is out of this world!