Olympia's Last Punk Mourns the Death of Punk Rock


Emily Nokes also loves Sublime.
well, i can't speak to the accuracy of his music assessment, as i am unfamiliar, but he does write well.
Megan's so punk she dropped the n from her last name.
Shit, we forgot the #1 rule of music journalism: ONLY REVIEW BANDS IF THEY HAVE MORE THAN TWO SONGS ON THEIR BANDCAMP.

This person cares about dumb stuff.
This letter is written as if the Stranger was ever recognized as a legitimate source for anything regarding music past the club calendar. If you ask me, Mike Nipper should just take over the whole thing as he's seemingly the only person on staff that owns records and has a working knowledge of music.
This is really sub-par for a "Never Heard of Them" column.
Annie Minard should take over.
i just love his old-timey name. im picturing one of those artisinal Confederacy caps.
Dude should just volunteer for MRR and put all that typing energy to some use.
P.S. - Get Off My Punk Lawn
Different things rock for different people.
If this dipshit spent half as much effort blogging as he did angrily writing in to the Stranger he might actually be a writer by now.

Also, his misunderstanding of evolution is deeply stupid and annoys me. You think it's a clever rhetorical jab, Angry Punkier-Than-Thou Internet Guy, but you don't know what you're talking about, so it actually just makes you look like an asshole. (Which I assume is an accurate portrayal, so carry on I guess...?)
Finneas Maxwell appears to have an unhealthy obsession with Dear Abby. What a sad person.
Keep complaining, kids, and I'll take over as music editor again.
@15 - Dan, let's swap jobs for a day! Freaky Friday style! Without the body switching. Or with, your call.
@16, make sure it's a day where he has a first class ticket to Australia.
Not trying to take it personally, but as the brother of the singer/songwriter in Black Hills (who is neither in Minus the Bear or Lonely Forrest) and someone who was around for the recording, there is absolutely zero "electronica" in their songs. Unless he is counting "electric guitars." Although the guys should use this Zep reference in their bio.
At long last, a worthy successor to A. Birch Steen.
" Keep complaining, kids, and I'll take over as music editor again.
Posted by Dan Savage "

oh, please god let it be so!

anything is better than 90% of the tone deaf 12 year olds who currently review _only_ the bands they like. "squee!"

this guy (the o.p.) is 100% right.

also, stop letting charles review hip hop. he doesn't get it. . .
Well, that tears it... I'm selling out. If this guy is the final arbeitor of what is and isn't punk then he can have it.
@1: I don't read the Stranger's music writers because I have no interest in blandly vapid indie pop, but if true that's pretty damning. A music critic liking Sublime is like a food critic liking Taco Bell.
bring back tricia ramano and kurt b. reighly!!
Punk rock? How quaint. I thought they all died out after 1988. How old are you, Mr. Maxwell, 35?
@22 - that's just not a fair comparison, TB always keeps it innovative with things like the Doritos taco or whatever....
The only thing worse than music reviews are people who review music reviews.
Lineout is not a music blog, not sure what it is intended to be. I like Megan's hockey interest a whole lot so I'm sorry if it's her pet and I'm offending her. There are almost no reviews. No one seems to go to any shows. You hillsters can hate the Weekly all you want, but Reverb kicks Lineout's sorry ass.
@27 - while there is stuff that isn't necessarily music related (what you're not wearing, etc.), the majority is music related so i don't see how you can overlook that.

let's look at the titles of the posts that precede this one that you commented on:

Debate Negate: Faust @ the Comet Oct. 16 (faust is a band, by the way. who plays music.)

Today's Significance In Rap (rap is a style of music)

Hunx Starts His Own Record Label + New Web TV Show (hunx is a musician, who makes music. record labels are things that release records, that have music on them.)

Roky Erickson - "If You Have Ghosts" (roky erickson is a musician. sure he may not be as relevant as he once was, but he's still out there.)

so there you go. the post before that did have a picture of somebody's ass and wasn't necessarily music related, but i'd wager that at least 6 out of 7 posts are.
Punk's not dead, it just deserves to die, when it becomes another stale cartoon...like this letter.
Punk is shit. It's always been shit. It's the phoniest type of music in history. In an authenticity contest, between Sex Pistols and N'Sync, it'd be N'Sync by a mile, because at least they never pretended that their goal was something other than making money for themselves and their corporate owners.
So wait, is punk a good thing or a bad thing? What is punk? Are we for it or against it? Are we mad at Dear Abby? Do you think this guy is in a band? A punk band? Is Led Zeppelin punk? Is this blog punk? Shit, this blog and everyone reading it (or pretending like they aren't reading it) = punk as fuck! Probably.

What I've learned is: Sublime is not funny to joke about EVER and you want MOAR BOB DYLAN REVIEWZzz.

Annie Minard, Nipper, Dan Savage, Devo and Finny Maxwell are the new music editors, the end.
@28, it's 90% masturbation, and pretty fucking lazy on that scale. There's pretty much no editing, prioritization or anything you can use here. Show reviews are a rarity, and album reviews are non-existent. It's barely a music blog.

With that said, Street Sounds is the best thing on KEXP.
SOUR GRAPES. Emily brings a fresh perspective to the music section of the Stranger and writes stuff that I actually want to read. Music journalism doesn't *have* to be an old man's club.
Just for the record: "Line Out: Music & THE CITY AT NIGHT." It's about music AND nightlife. So, Drunk of the Week! Partying! Fancy outfits people wear out and about town! Etc.

I'm sleepy.
@32 - ALBUM REVIEW, posted TODAY at 10:49 a.m.

SHOW REVIEW, posted YESTERDAY, at 3:00 p.m.

Is it confusing? Are you only seeing part of the blog?
Are you only seeing what you want to see? I don't understand.

Also, to everyone who chooses to exist on the internet under a fake/false name, instead of their REAL NAME, I say to you: Brrrrrrrrrr'ock.... chick-chick-chick-chick-CHIIIIIIIIICK-KEN!

@35, looking at it over a period longer than a day.
@36 - i'm posting that image everywhere from now on.
the part about naomi punk's seattle-centrist reverb-rock drivel... on fucking point.
The music coverage in this rag was never better than when Jennifer Maerz was editor.
I liked Eric Grandy. I think, "write like teenagers on their phones" is a pretty accurate description of Psy and "I vant to suck . . ." postings.
btw @32, thank you

if your experience with punk is limited to the Sex Pistols, I guess comparing them to N'Sync would be the proper (idiotic) thing to do.

@27, etc

it's a music AND nightlife blog. with the inclusion of nightlife, you can play pretty fast and loose with the guidelines. as someone pointed out in a thread over on Slog the other day, since this is a digital medium what people choose to write about is pretty endless since they're not chopping down trees to do it. I guess you could be remarkably petty and complain about servers using electricity, but seriously, just get over it. I never got people who read things solely to complain about the fact that it's being written. it sounds like the ultimate example of a first world problem. I don't love everything about Line Out or Slog, but I like that it reflects aspects of Seattle that I connect with.

as far as Reverb, find me three well-written and interesting pieces by Duff McKagen and I'll show you two dozen by Dave Segal.