Look, I moved twice in the past year, from a small house to an even smaller apartment, and being a collector nerd pop culture archivist I have a LOT of SHIT. That is, I have a LOT or records. I also have very little time to sort through stuff, thusly all my records are still quite jumbled. Um, my LPs are almost sorted out, but my 45s...UGH, boxed, but still laying where they landed. And it's been so long since I went looking for anything I've discovered I've forgotten if I own a particular record or not. It's a bit....A LOT...embarrassing, at one point I had a good handle on my gear, but recently...not so much. Uh, this considering I have been trolling for 'B' sides...ANYWAYS...so I'm creeping eBay™ for some new sweet jams when I found THIS 45: the Falcons' 1966 single, and first for Big Wheel, "(I'm A Fool) I Must Love You" and I'm freaking 'cause I can't remember if I have a copy.

Well...DO I OWN THIS?! It IS an awesome 45!! Such sweet midtempo AND the Falcons were a BIG DEAL*! This has also happened with the Fi-Dels AWESOME double sider "Try A Little Harder," I think I own it, I hope I do...DIG THAT BASS FILL, but I can't godamn find it. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh!! I need an intern.

*The Falcons were a long running R&B group outta Detroit with a TON of important members passing through, like Wilson Pickett, everyone should know him for his OWN career, but that's his soaring lead on the Falcons' "I Found A Love." A couple other members of HUGENESS were of course Joe Stubbs a member of the Four Tops, the Contours, and the Originals, Mack Rice "Baby I'm Coming Home", and group founder, Eddie Floyd "Knock On Wood." Yeah, a fucking HEAVY group, y'all.