Spires That in the Sunset Rise—I challenge you to find a band name more stiltedly “poetic”—play tonight at the Josephine with Malaikat dan Singa, Chemical Clock, Prawnyxx, and Freepunk. The Chicago freeque-fölque duo—Taralie Peterson and Kathleen Baird—cast a bewitching spell with an array of non-rock instruments (zither, mbira, harmonium, washboard, lap harp, bowed banjo, etc.). Their songs hover and quiver in a haunted sphere that propels you out of 21st-century siliconspace and into a woodsy netherzone before there was television. Spires That in the Sunset Rise have drawn comparisons to the Residents, Yoko Ono, Harry Partch, Current 93, and Comus. I’d add Fursaxa and Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes. Can you get to that?

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