I know everyone's bummed about their favorite places on Capitol Hill shutting down and turning into ugly restaurants on the ground level of hideous mixed-use buildings. That's why I was so stoked when I finally checked out that new music store on Pike and Broadway, High Voltage. I stopped in the other day, kind of expecting some expensive-high-end stuff targeted at the condo-dweller demographic, but surprise-surprise: everything is not-too-expensive-vintage gear, and they do affordable repairs. It turns out that Nate Ellis-Brown from the band Lake of Falcons owns it! Now I won't have to ever make the desperate walk to Guitar Center if I need something, last minute; or trek all the way up to Trading Musician, only to realize that I came there on the one weekday they are closed (Is it Wednesday, or Tuesday? I have done that on accident so many times!) To sum it up, High Voltage is my dream music store, and everyone who works there is really friendly and in sweet local bands like Mega Bog, and they repaired my bass super fast and cheap. Every new business on Capitol Hill is NOT born straight from depths of hell!!!