(Triple Door) Omar Rodriguez-Lopez is the glasses-wearing, big-curly-hair-having guitarist from The Mars Volta and At the Drive-In. He's also a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and solo career–haver. At 37 years old, and over the period of 16 years, he's been a part of more than 40 albums. He's collaborated John Frusciante, Erykah Badu, Hans Zimmer, El-P, Lydia Lunch, and Wu-Tang Clan's RZA. Oh, and in 2009, he won a Grammy. And he's in production directing his third feature-length film. Though he's not a household name yet, one day, you'll look up the dictionary definition of "prolific," and instead of telling you anything about "abundant and large quantities of productivity," you'll just see a picture of his face.