Here I am, working at my desk, as I do EVERYDAY, and of course, as I HATE silence, I have SOMETHING spinning on the hi-fi*, always, or uh, (ahem) iTunes™. However, currently I'm kinda spun out and I can't decide exactly what I wanna hear!? FUCKING FUCK. Does this ever happen to anyone else? It's annoying 'cause I have music playing constantly. Sometimes this even happens when I'm home where ALL my records live. OOF!

I think part of MY problem is as I'm a record nerd I'm constantly consuming whatever happens to be NEXT. Um, "next" being not NEW/contemporary music, but new to me/NEXT in line to get on my turntable jams or ANY record I'm chasing after. It seems my volume of consumption is a habit which can make "looking back" seem a leetle boring. Not that I don't like EVERY record I own, I do, but I do find it hard to ONLY listen and RE-listen to a lot of things. Also, I'm afraid of becoming TOO familiar with a favorite record since I want GREAT records to impact me GREATLY. I dunno if that is a thing with anyone but me, but then my record nerd approach is a bit different than the average punter. question, what do you listen to when you can't decide what to listen to?! The RADIO, or a slightly directeded streaming service? Like, you just let someone else decide?! Or, perhaps, NOTHING?! Any tricks, suggestions? I'M DYING!!

Honestly, if all else fails I rely on my high school tastes, so like, Die Kreuzen or Rudimentary Peni...'80s hardcore is always a solid go to, OR the first Come LP.

*I do have a portable turntable at my desk.