Bitch Magnet: Such primadonnas.
  • Dave Segal
  • Bitch Magnet: Such primadonnas.

Bitch Magnet, perhaps the finest grunge band east of the Rockies during the late ’80s, played a very solid reunion show last night at Neumos to a sparse crowd; the club brought down the red curtain of failure while keeping the space chilled to meat-locker temps—sucks to have to applaud with gloves, you know?

Playing their first US show in 22 years, the unassuming trio tore through a dozen songs (see setlist after the jump) pulled from their three torqued, taut, and nuanced anthems for introverts: Ben Hur, Umber, and Star Booty. They encored with their best song, the solemnly majestic “Sea of Pearls,” and then brought on Mudhoney screamer Mark Arm for a cover of Minor Threat’s concise punk blast “Filler.”

Mark Arm joins the Magnet to tackle Minor Threats Filler. Pandemonium inexplicably didnt ensue.
  • Dave Segal
  • Mark Arm joins the Magnet to tackle Minor Threat's "Filler." Pandemonium inexplicably didn't ensue.

Still classy and humble after all these years, Bitch Magnet mostly gave the appreciate crowd what they wanted—except they didn’t do “Knucklehead,” their second best song. I wish more bands would consult with me before they make their setlists.

No Knucklehead, no peace.
  • Dave Segal
  • No "Knucklehead," no peace.