So listen, we all might get distracted by sexy Scrabble or sexy Sriracha costumes this time of year, but let us all remember that the true meaning of Halloween is actually to get drunk with your friends and watching local bands play Halloween cover nights.


Saturday boasts the most tribute nights: Queen at the Tractor (HalloQueen); the Cramps Tribute Night at Slim's Last Chance features Girl Trouble, F-Holes, and Dead Man; and if you can stomach being in the Hard Rock Cafe on a Saturday night, you can win $500 prize at their costume contest and watch local tribute bands Bastard of Reality and Blistered Earth cover Black Sabbath and Metallica. The Black Lodge show also boasts a prize for best costume, as well as haunted house art by local artists and a million local bands playing two songs each spanning every decade. On the actual evening of the hallowed, there will be a Waylon Jennings/Kinks night at the Tractor, the Funhouse will feature the Misfits cover band "Glenn or Glennda?" and you will find some more Black Sabbath at the Mix. Am I missing mentioning any more awesome cover nights? It seems like there would be a Misfits tribute out there in Seattle somewhere! On a side note, I'm pretty bummed that Venetta Red isn't doing the Smithfits again this year (half Smiths/half Misfits covers.)