Dan Deacon is a brilliant Baltimorean maker of electronic music, wearer of sweaters, and hater of the word “wacky.” He’s currently touring the United States in a converted school bus that runs on veggie oil and has no air-conditioning or heat. We had to reschedule our interview due to cell-phone reception issues, so by the time we chatted, he was stuck in traffic in Phoenix.

Where are you?

Right now we’re outside Phoenix, so we have great reception. Earlier we were in the Petrified Forest National Park—it’s almost reassuring knowing that there isn’t cell reception out there yet.

How’s the tour going?

The tour’s going great. It’s surprisingly not stressful and really good. We’ve had a lot of time to actually enjoy the drives and the countryside, or the country itself. And the shows have been really fun. It’s definitely been a transitional tour, and I’m excited to sort of jump off from here.

It seems kind of long; is it long for you? I was trying to look at all the dates—it seems like you’re just going everywhere. Were you just in Europe?

I was just in Europe. And the tour is long—it’s not long by my standards, but it’s long for me in my recent history. I haven’t done a full US tour since 2009, so it’s been a while, and I figure if we’re going out, we might as well cover as much territory as possible. We tour in a school bus that we converted into an RV. Doesn’t really get the best speed going, so we try to keep it under 250 miles a day—it makes it easier for us to play a lot of stops.

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Dan Deacon plays Neptune Theater tonight with Height With Friends, Chester Endersby Gwazda and Alan Resnick.