Amanda Noa, 2003
  • Amanda Noa, 2003

The absolute best way to see Matt & Kim is with two 40s of Colt 45 taped to your hands while partying in a tiny courtyard in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn in 2003. The second best way to see them is an impromptu illegal show with Japanther in the middle of the Williamsburg Bridge in 2008. Preferably the cops will drive up a pedestrian walkway no wider than a Chevrolet, sending dozens of people running to save their gear and themselves from arrest. The third best way to see them is while running around Manhattan—setting up in Times Square and in the subway headed downtown while shooting a video for "Block After Block".

Japanther’s Ian Vanek (a Northwesterner) can take credit for urging Kim and Matt to play a 2003 house party even though they didn’t even have any songs, experience, or a band name—just enthusiasm and instruments. Almost a decade after that first house show, Matt & Kim are not only the current kings of pop-punk, they have graduated to ubiquitous exposure because they appreciate the fun of the top 40 while owning that shit with a punk aesthetic and extremely wild shows.

Matt & Kim play tonight at the Neptune Theatre, 8 pm.