A lovely lady named Dre, carved this into a pumpkin last night:

We [Heart] Funhole

For years, we've called the Funhouse the "Fun-Hole". I can't believe tomorrow is the club's last night ever. At least on 5th Avenue. Go pay your respects.

Halloween/Closing night Party: Glenn Or Glennda? (Misfits Covers) with Poop Attack, Hollow Points, Last Gasp, and the Downstrokes, 8 pm, $8

And from booker Brian Foss:

All the bands playing on 10/31, our Halloween and last show ever, have at least one Funhouse employee in the band. If we gotta go, then we're going out as a family.

PUNK-kin, left, I hate condos. PUNK-kin, right, I will always love the Funhole
  • Kelly O
  • PUNK-kin, left, "I hate condos." PUNK-kin, right, "I will always love the Funhole"