The Village Voice reports Hurricane Sandy's flood waters deluged Norton Records' warehouse. Godammit.

Their catalog is as deep and extensive as any label ever, and their entire back catalog was almost completely damaged or ruined during Monday's hurricane/storm.

Busy trying to transfer what was salvageable from the warehouse to their Prospect Heights home, Billy Miller was only able to give a quick assessment. "Yeah, the water was four feet," he said. Norton's warehouse is encased in one of the beautiful old warehouses on Van Brunt Street, right near the water...

Thankfully, their home and office went unharmed. I can only imagine the scope of this loss; in addition to their nearly BOTTOMLESS label catalog their print catalog was jam PAKCED with period coolness, like DEAD STOCK period coolness, along with tons of other titles from other record labels. Let's hope they bounce back quickly. Sheesh.

Has anyone heard of other labels/collectors/record stores affected by Sandy?