The last time Ashlee Simpson made headlines in the music world, it was because someone in the SNL control room hilariously played the wrong track during her "live" performance, unveiling her lip-synching habit and causing her to do a funny little panic jig off the stage. (Bonus brat fact: After the show she blamed the band. NOT COOL, LADY.)

A few months later, when she attempted to sing for real at the 2005 Orange Bowl, her performance was so terrible that she was booed by tens of thousands of people. (Was that the band's fault too?)

But she's not giving up! She's back with a new song and she's, uh, looking like Courtney Love trying out Fiona Apple's vibe circa "Criminal" in this teaser video for her new song "Bat For a Heart," which she co-wrote with Linda Perry.

Simpson curses, she wears more eyeliner than she does pants, and you can see it for yourself here: