Last night I heard "Same Love" about 6 times, which has gotta be, like, 2 times more than usual*.

There's, like, no love in Avatar's Seattle, though—unless it's in the form of townbidness cameos from scene fixtures like Nacho Picasso, Jarv Dee, Sabzi and Sye Hollywood; on his much-repped corner of 28th & Jackson, there's not a feel-good anthem in sight. Av has to me, and for a long time, represented the flipside of the earnest, thoughtful, progressive-values Seattle rap coin—as a longtime purveyor of unrepentant, explicitly Seattle street shit, Av's complexion has been more of a hindrance than the help it has been for Mack's trajectory (a setup that we all know that Macklemore was the first to acknowledge). This is something I've already talked to death though, and it doesn't matter since Av is currently killing shit. This song is probably the hardest on his newest mixtape, even if the outro—a clip of what sounds like an SPD officer trying to get answers from a grieving witness, and which isn't in the video—chills the shit out of me.

Maybe he could make a song about sniping at SPD's proposed drones (which they first rolled out to the public in the Central District); I'd same-love the shit out of that. Avatar Darko's Soviet Goonion out now.

*Real talk, I hear that song everywhere—at my job, at the bar in White Center, wafting from the kitchen at Zoopa—which is awesome, deeply so, though not as great as the cause which it so beautifully champions actually becoming manifest. Congrats to everybody who worked their ass off on that campaign and to all the people who now have the rights they shoulda fuckin' had in the first place.