Seattle’s cirrus-formed disco freshies Beat Connection have released a seven-track mixtape called The Garden of Forking Paths.

The Garden of Forking Paths by Beat Connection

The selections pull from more than two hours of unreleased material. They also put out a single for "Think/Feel" off The Palace Garden, with a previously unreleased B side “Of Showers.” Listen, floatate. Do a dot-to-dot in your mind of an antelope and its hunter, a cheetah, meditating side by side. May they have human heads, and dream of meadows and Twizzler candy. Reed Juenger spoke.

Think/Feel by Beat Connection

What’s happening with this here mixtape? What sayith thou about it?

The idea is to give away some rarities from the band as well as showcase some divergence with a few solo compositions. “Dutty Wilderness” is some new hiphop oriented stuff that I have been working on. The final track on this mixtape is a pretty important song to the history of Beat Connection I guess you could say. It was the first song that Jordan [Koplowitz] and I composed in Logic. We wanted to be called Yours Truly at the time, which is where the title came from. We were really obsessed with the DFA record label and the disco music that they were releasing and making big long dance tracks. We sampled the drums from the beginning of "Beat Connection" by LCD Soundsystem. When we found out that Yours Truly was already the name of a pretty prominent blog we decided to change our name in homage to LCD and this new song we had created.

What synth is that on "Is it Still Yesterday"? Did you get it from an electro hermit on eBay?

It’s a small Korg Kaossilator. Jordan composed it by moving his finger around on the touch pad and looping. We didn’t get it from an eBay electro hermit. But I love eBay electro hermits.

Beat Connection play November 17th at Neumos.