There's a lot of musical stuff going on tomorrow night, being that it's Friday. Most of them are 21+ shows but there are a few already noted all-ages events: Daniel Higgs is playing with two other dudes at the Cairo as part of the end of his PNW visit, Silicon Girls is having their final concert at Vera… but there's another cool all-ages show happening as well.

Tomorrow there's a spectrum of sound from Skagit Valley happening at 20/20 Cycle: Karl Blau, Ever Ending Kicks and Lovers Without Borders. I believe one member of Lovers lives in Bellingham but you get the picture...

Ever Ending Kicks is the new alias for Paul A. Benson, formerly addressing his music as Motorbikes. The last time you would have had a chance to see him play was when Mount Eerie played that double feature at the Cairo last month with Bouquet and Hungry Cloud Darkening. Benson's been doing this thing since moving to Anacortes from Arkansas in 2008 and through time, personal exploration, and creative isolation, the music that he makes has been so refined that he can probably patent it.

Lovers Without Borders is the music of Allen Perli, Jessica Bonin and PNW legend Karl Blau. I think one could describe it as power-pop but I'm not really good with knowing what genres actually mean sometimes. The closest thing that immediately came to mind when I saw them play What the Heck? Fest two years ago was the sound of really cool English pop band Prefab Sprout. This will be Lovers Without Borders debut Seattle performance. It's going to be a hit!

I don't know what Karl Blau is going to do this night. I had the honor of playing with him at Northern in Olympia last month at the start of a west coast tour of my music and was informed that he's been working on an album covering songs of only women musicians in the key of Grunge (and that Lori Goldston is ripping guitar on it or something). He played a lot of those songs during his set—it was an amazing experience for everyone in attendance! Above is the internet specific mix of "The Democracy of Small Things" by The Blow. Really though, who knows what Blau's going to do, because it's always a surprise.

Karl Blau, Ever Ending Kicks, Lovers Without Borders at 20/20 Cycle (2020 East Union St), 8:30pm