Howdy stranger. Are you lonesome? Are you sad? Are you driftin' in the dark? Well, me neither, but still, I bet you'd like Connie Converse anyway. If you like songs about throwing bottles and losing credit at the bar, "a squirrel thing that sound like quarreling", hope, heartbreak and "playboys of the western world" this might be your cup of tea. And that's just the lyrics, musically it's slightly twisted and slightly fun Hank Williamsesque pining country strumming or maybe a folkier version of the Ink Spots, sad and alone and content in a room with a lone microphone.

Born in 1924 New Hampshire, Ms. Converse eventually moved to New York City and recorded her songs in a kitchen in the 1950s. Then in 1974 she disappeared. I don't mean her career didn't pan out; I mean she LITERALLY DISAPPEARED. After sending goodbye letters to her family she packed up her Volkswagen bug and was never heard from again. Her music falls perfectly between the also mysterious and lovely Sibylle Baier (who's Colour Green LP is also fantastic) and the Carter Family. If you aren't hooked by half a listen to "Talkin' Like You (Two Tall Mountains)," I'll be in the pines listening to the other half BY MYSELF.

Here is my second favorite:

You can sample and purchase the music here.

Wikipedia has the full story, if you have an attention span.